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There are 4 enemy ships you must shoot down by firing your missiles at them. They will sustain 4 hits, the first 3 hits the enemy ships will change color, and the 4'th they will disintegrate. Your ship can also sustain 4 hits, but if you are hit four times you will be destroyed, and must repeat the current level of play.

Your ship (The P22X WarHawk) is capable of firing 5 missiles in rapid succession. However, each missile tube takes a few micro seconds to re-power and firing all 5 missiles in succession will cause a slight lag time until re-arming takes place and you can fire again, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attack.

Finding enemies can be somewhat challenging at times as the enemy pilots also wish to survive and will fly with their best interests in mind. Your radar screen only covers half the playing area, and you may need to fly around a bit to find the enemy. Sometimes you may see them flashing as tiny dots on the horizon, sometimes they will be in right your face and firing hard! Once you have an enemy in your view they cannot escape so long as you follow them, allowing you to gain ground until you can eventually destroy them.

There are 3 levels of play, you will automatically start at level 1. If you are killed, you must repeat the current level before advancing. If you kill all 4 enemy ship you will advance to the next level. The 3 levels of play are:

  1. Rookie. You are a trainee fighting droid enemy ships.
  2. Active Pilot. Proceed to active duty with live enemy pilots!
  3. Commander. You fight the best pilots the enemy has to offer.

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